Tax Consultancy


2021 - 2022
, we specialize in providing commercially-focused tax advice and tax services to a wide range of clients who operate in all sectors of the economy. This involves devising tax-efficient strategies for multinational and domestic based clients in diverse business situations, including mergers, takeovers and corporate reconstructions.

Some of the specific activities we do are:

  • Advising and consulting with clients in order to provide advice about tax legislation, e.g. ensuring businesses and assets are properly structured to minimize the incidence of taxation
  • Advising on employee incentivization schemes, e.g. share options, share ownership trusts, tax-efficient employee benefits and the creation of employee benefit trusts.
  • Advising on aspects of property transactions, including acquisitions of foreign property, and the use of tax efficient structures in property deals, including the effective use of partnerships and co-ownership structures.
  • Monitoring and anticipating changes to tax legislation and responding quickly with advice specific to our clients’ particular commercial requirements.
  • Calculating tax liability, ensuring compliance is completed speedily and efficiently, and submitting tax returns and associated documents by the appropriate deadlines.
  • Conducting tax health checks and advising on areas where our clients are disadvantageously exposed.
  • Resolving tax issues with the tax authorities on behalf of our clients.