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Training  (Learning and Development) Services

Training (Learning and Development) Services

Our learning and development programs help our clients with the ongoing, long-term improvement of employees' skills, thus enabling them to achieve their personal as well as organizational learning goals. We take a strategic rather than reactive approach to training by assessing the skills and knowledge gaps that exist within an organisation and determining the training that will be done to grow and retain these skills.

Our specific activities include;

·         Identifying training and development needs within an organisation through job analysis, job requirements and assessing trends in employee skills to reduce cases of redundancy and improve employee capacity.

·         Designing and expanding learning and development programs as expressed by the skills gap surveys within the firm.

·         Advising firms on how to optimize the return on investment from training programs and ensure that these benefits improve the performance of its workforce.

·         Recommending appropriate e-learning tools and avenues for exposure to ensure that our clients’ staff remain connected and market-relevant.

Training Areas



Finance, Accounting and Management

a)    Key Account Management

b)    Digital Marketing and Strategy

c)     Project Management and Implementation

d)    Customer Service and Value

e)    Relationship Marketing and Management

f)     Branding and Brand Management

g)    Emerging themes and sector trends

h)    Marketing Metrics


a)    Tax planning and tax exposure

b)    Income tax act, Labour Laws, VAT act, Companies Act etc.

c)     Cost management and Information for Decision Making in Organizations

d)    Budgeting and Budgetary Control

e)    Internal Control Systems

f)     Statutory Obligations

g)    Payroll Services

h)    Acquisition, installation and training on accounting software – QuickBooks etc.

i)      Organizational capacity building

j)     Financial Reporting

k)    Finance for non-finance managers

l)      Fraud detection and prevention


Human Resources


a)    Strategic Human Resource Practice

b)    Performance measurement

c)     Organizational capacity building

d)    Staff discipline


These courses are available on request and customer made in their content and del

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