About Duplex Consulting

2021 - 2022
(DCH) is a private limited company registered and domiciled in Kenya whose mandate is to provide a modern consultancy platform that focuses on delivering innovative digital solutions to firms across different sectors. Our mandate stems from the understanding that the digital disruption happening around us is perhaps the biggest opportunity for firms and individuals to engage with each other, and in so doing contribute to creation of services that are aligned to the market demands. 


2021 - 2022
, we take a different approach to business problems, with a keen focus on market driven strategies, utilizing a wide range of customer data and global best practices to help our clients stay ahead in their digital presence and visibility.

Currently the firm has three directors and engages several trainers and consultants in various professional competencies, all who have extensive practical experience in marketing, tax, accounting and general business practices in the East African region having worked in several countries in the region.

Our Passion

We are passionate about nurturing professionals who understand the need for a strategic approach to value delivery, appreciate the use of numbers and facts to improve their reporting and communication skills, and above all, demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the digital environment that firms now operate in.


To be the most trusted and preferred innovative solutions provider in Africa.


To provide the highest quality and practical professional services to our clients in line with emerging digital disruptions and needs.


Integrity – Doing the right thing at all times.

Excellence – Exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders.

Collaboration – Working as a team to achieve team and individual goals.